Bringing Screening
                                          Directly to Patients
                                                                            Get lab results from the convenience
                                                                          of a clinic, pharmacy, or your home

  Better Testing,
         Better Care
     Our innovative testing
     solutions help you and your
     loved ones stay healthier
Pioneering in
Decentralizing the Healthcare Ecosystem

We improve healthcare accessibility and outcomes to lead the market
in innovating total solutions across decentralized healthcare & biosensing technology

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Winnoz Technology

Innovations across decentralized healthcare & biosensing technology

We are committed to making preventive screening available anywhere.

Insufficient healthcare capacity, shortages of health professionals, and rising costs loom as our society ages. That’s why Winnoz is developing innovative point-of-care testing (POCT) technology to decentralize healthcare, reduce strain on our healthcare systems, and improve patient outcomes across the board.

How can Point-of-Care Testing (POCT)
revolutionize healthcare?

Shorten turnaround times

Faster treatment decisions reduce both mortality rates and time spent in the hospital

Provide Versatility

Administer tests in homes, clinics, rural areas, disaster relief, labs, and hospitals

Increase Accessibility

Remove transportation, language, and work-related barriers to healthcare

reduce hospital overcrowding

Increased effectiveness accompanies lower mortality and fatigue-related errors

Our Solutions

Haiim device in use

Vacuum-Assisted Blood Collection

Haiim enables blood collection and testing in both centralized and decentralized settings. Gather high-quality capillary blood samples quickly and effectively.

a gloved hand taps the eggi screen

Molecular Detection System

A loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) PCR device allowing rapid on-site molecular testing. Be compatible with commercial testing kits for its open-systematic & customizable features.

Molecular Detection System

eazyOne customized from eGGi based on one of our clients’ needs. Through integration of commercial testing kits on the market, eazyOne offers a platform for rapid molecular testing.

A Global Collective

A map of the world with pins in partner countries

160+ partners, 45+ countries

Winnoz collaborates with healthcare providers and companies to advance decentralized healthcare ecosystems all over the world.

With decades of industry experience, Winnoz is pioneering innovative POCT technology to increase screening access.

Meet Winnoz in 2024

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Dr. Emmert
Dr. EmmertManaging Director, Vicare Solution
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“We are really satisfied and enthusiastic about the devices. They are clear, good and easy to operate.”
Professor Hsu
Professor HsuNational Taiwan Ocean University
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“eGGi is an interesting LAMP device in that it can do quantitative assays and avoid the risk of sample contamination. These features help my lab run our experiments more conveniently.”
Dr. Turgay
Dr. TurgayCEO, SuGenomik
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"eGGi is a good alternative for us because it fits with different Bst enzymes and is more cost-effective, and we can source cheaper accessories to work with eGGi."
DianaEurolab Lambda
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"Our goal for the Haiim device is to obtain proper volume whole blood for complete liver and lipid panel POCT testing. We now have screened over 1,000 patients. Haiim is quite good for us."
RafaelaIntegra Centro de Serviços Compartilhados
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"Recently we get a government project for remote healthcare testing service. Haiim & our POCT devices are portable so the medical staff can bring it and do onsite tests. Now we screen 50 patients per day, everything goes well. Haiim is a good blood collection device."

Let's make healthcare easier for everyone.