Winnoz Technology, Inc.

Innovations Across Decentralized Healthcare & Biosensing Technology—

We decentralize healthcare
through preventive screening

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Dr. Joses Hsiung founded Winnoz in response to the challenges of modern blood collection and testing. The pain of frequent blood draws, hospital trips, and long delays for results led to the development of Haiim and eGGi, devices that are paving the way for medical testing outside of the hospital.

Our Mission

To improve patient outcomes and decentralize healthcare systems by developing innovative and accessible biosensing (POCT) technology.

Our Vision

We envision a world where preventive screening is available to everyone, everywhere.

Our innovative team consists of PhDs in applied mechanics, microbiology, biochemistry, chemistry, and medicine, as well as experts in intellectual property, mechanism engineering, software engineering, and sales and marketing.

We work directly with distributors, healthcare providers, diagnostics companies, and other strategic business partners across the world. Reach out to explore a potential partnership!

World-class Research & Development alongside Global Marketing

Winnoz designs innovative biosensing solutions to help decentralize healthcare. We aim to make preventive screening universally accessible and improve healthcare outcomes.