Molecular Detection System

LAMP Device

eGGi Molecular Detection System is a LAMP device (LAMP, loop-mediated isothermal amplification) supporting rapid and on-site molecular detection. It satisfies the detection needs for both point-of-care and decentralized healthcare. With lower cost and less detection time, eGGi provides users high-quality detection result as the traditional centralized PCR machine does.

eGGi, a LAMP device for rapid & onsite testing

eGGi is convenient and user-centered

- Enable 16 wells to be conducted simultaneously.

- Stand-alone operation on a 7” high resolution touch screen.

- Embedded 32GB storage capacity for saving over 10,000 run experiments.

- USB ports output.

- Support software auto-upgrade function by WIFI dongle.

eGGi has clean and user-friendly U/I design

- Intuitive U/I design and simple operation process.

- Produce quantitative results with reaction curve simultaneously.

eGGi is adaptable to your testing assays

- eGGi supports manual mode for specific parameter settings.

- eGGi can work smoothly and well-compatible with assays in the markets.

eGGi is customizable

eGGi is customizable for your specific needed features such as:

- Multiplex detection
- Melting curves
- Choices of excitation LEDs and emission filters
- Sample scanner function
- Colorimetric imaging
- Other more

(Contact us to let us know your needs↓)

eGGi enables multi applications

eGGi enhances your testing efficiencies

Testing in mini labs

Testing in clinics

Help in developing kits

Field testing

See what our partners say...

Professor Hsu, National Taiwan Ocean University

eGGi in Research Institute

 I'm specializing in fish species identification. In my laboratory we regularly do molecular experiments.
eGGi is an interesting LAMP device that it can do quantitative assays and avoid the risk of sample contamination. These features help us running our experiments more conveniently. 

Dr. Emmert, Managing Director of Vicare Solution

eGGi for Rapid Testing Service

 We are really satisfied and enthustiatic about the devices. They are clear, good and easy to operate. 

Prof. Turgay, CEO of SuGenomik

eGGi for Aquaculture Fishery Testing

 Our current LAMP platform is too expensive and closed system. eGGi is a good alternative for us because it fits with different Bst enzymes and is more cost-effective, and we can source cheaper accessories to work with eGGi. We are planning to sell our testing kits with eGGi as a total solution to farmers, fisheries, food testing labs, COVID-19 testing centers for field inspection testing. 


Compatible testing panels

Human Virus Detection


Animal Virus Detection

Avian Influenza

Food Safety

A2 milk

Environment Management

Aquaculture fishery related test
Water quality analysis

LAMP technology for rapid testing

LAMP (Loop-mediated isothermal amplification) is a newer nucleic acid amplification technique for DNA/RNA detection. LAMP provides a new method to fulfill the point of care testing (POCT) market needs.

  • Save money: Require less space and lower overall costs
  • Save time: Reduce the prolonged wait time for generating results
  • ​Increase productivity: Onsite testing can be conducted anywhere by minimal trained technicians

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