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Molecular Diagnostics Reimagined

with the eGGi Molecular Detection System using Isothermal LAMP Technology.

Point-of-care molecular amplification is the future of diagnostics. PCR testing is the gold standard for accuracy but is plagued by long runtimes and delays in specimen transport. With the portable eGGi molecular testing platform, faster and cheaper molecular diagnostics testing can be performed at the point of care, reducing reliance on centralized institutions like labs and hospitals.

What makes eGGi different?

Fully Customizable

Adjust the optical filter, LED, well specifications, hardware, software, and testing kits for your purposes

Versatile Data Management

View and export both amplification curves and raw data in multiple file formats

eGGi device with lid open

Quicker turnaround

Reduce runtime by half and increase throughput with 16 wells and LAMP technology

Intuitive User Interface

Enjoy streamlined protocols and shortcuts personalized for your specific testing assays and uses

Tailored to your needs

eGGi is compatible with commercial assays, and the user interface and specifications can be customized for your specific testing needs. 

Human health

Family on bed

Extraction Free
30 min runtime
Target Pathogens: 
TB, SARS-COV-2, malaria, and 12 others


A school of fish

Extraction Required
30-60 min runtime
Target Pathogens: 
vibrio angullarium, LCDV, and 4 others



Extraction Required
30-60 min runtime
Target Pathogens: 
Salmonella, mycoplasma, and others


Cows in a field

Extraction Required
30-60 min runtime
Target Pathogens: 
Bovine coronavirus and 2 others


Cat and dog

Extraction Required
30-60 min runtime
Target Pathogens: 
canine distemper, FIP, and others


Asparagus and steak

Extraction Required
30-60 min runtime
Target Pathogens:
chicken, turkey, pork pathogens and others

Custom User-friendly Interface

Home Screen
Customized for your assays
16-well Overview
Label each well with a few taps
Amplification Curves
Display and export results with ease

Your Questions Answered


Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) is a newer nucleic acid amplification technique for DNA/RNA molecular detection. It uses real-time fluorescence technology under isothermal conditions to quantify target nucleic acids.

Our available tests can be viewed by clikcing the “Learn More” options above, or at this link.

The user interface is designed with customer input to streamline frequently used tests and avoid clutter. For more details about customization, please fill out the form below or contact us.

See how eGGi can fill your testing needs faster.

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