Taiwan, transitioning from “Semiconductor” to “Medical Innovation” for Sustainable Healthcare

Ms. Pei Yu Lin, Deputy Director of Strategic Marketing at the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), revealed that the Taiwanese government places great importance on research and technological development. From the past to the present, Taiwan has been a leader in semiconductor production, providing computer chips to the global market. These chips are widely used in various products. Currently, this success is being extended to the development of other important technological innovations, including medical technology and healthcare, which are expanding their markets worldwide.

Winnoz is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for customers. After customers have explored all the options, they will find that Winnoz is the best solution. The award-winning product the company showcases is the “Haiim Vacuum-Assisted Blood Collection System.” This system is user-friendly, portable, and labor-saving. Importantly, it is a blood collection and analysis system that helps decentralize healthcare services. This means that blood tests can be performed without the need to go to a hospital, thanks to the Haiim device. It is certified by CE and the FDA in Taiwan, and it can be installed in pharmacies. Customers can conveniently access the service from nearby pharmacies.

Verisia Lin, the Manager of Marketing and Organizational Communications, has revealed that the Haiim device is capable of collecting blood ready for diagnosis, ranging from 150 to 500 microliters, from the fingertip. This meets the needs of medical experts for blood sampling. The blood collected by Haiim can be used for various types of tests, such as infectious disease testing, immune system assessments, and allergy testing, among others. Results can be obtained quickly at the testing point.

This service eliminates the need for blood diagnosis to be centralized in hospitals, increasing convenience and providing rapid results.” Currently, Winnoz is in the process of negotiating with potential distributors for the Thai market.

Excerpt and translation from:https://www.thansettakij.com/pr-news/health/wellbeing/576087 


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