Vacuum-assisted Blood Collection System

Lower labor required
Micro sampling

Haiim Vacuum-assisted Blood Collection System is a patented and innovative evolution in blood collection technology enabling centralized & decentralized blood testings. It satisfies the high-quality sample needs for both point-of-care and decentralized healthcare. With easy procedures and user-friendly design, Haiim is deployable to your Point-of-Care settings.

Intended Use

Haiim Vacuum-assisted blood collection system is intended to use a vacuum to collect capillary blood from a puncture site. The product is composed of a Cassette able to connect with a single-use micro-collection tube and a Main Device providing a pressure control function. When assembled and activated, the product collects blood from the puncture site to the micro-collection tube. This product is for professional use only.

Haiim, a good alternative for micro-blood collection needs


Easy collection procedure

Good blood quality & volume

Haiim satisfies the unmet needs of micro-samples

Haiim Use of Scenarios

Collect blood samples using Haiim in

to do the tests with POCT devices, rapid test strips or other testings

See what our partners say...

Haiim in Pharmacy

 Its semi-automation system reduces the manual error and make patients feel more comfortable, also it can collect sufficient capillary blood from fingertip and keep sampling site clean. It’s really a plus for us. 

Distributor from Spain

 We have pharmacy-laboratory networking, we want to provide testing service at pharmacies and even at-home service. Haiim offers a standard operation procedure and can be portable by the doctors and nurses to everywhere which just fits our needs. 

CEO from a healthcare networking company in Italy

Haiim in Lab

 We are in negotiations with laboratory nets, Haiim will be perfect for their sampling sites - they would be able to open more sampling sites easily. 

Distributor from Slovakia

 Haiim integrates to our lab deployment seamlessly. 

Senior scientist from a research institute in Singapore

Haiim in Clinic

 In our normal case, I have to hire the phlebotomists even if I only need a small volume of blood. Haiim saves our personnel cost on the healthcare facilities without phlebotomists. My nurses can operate it. That’s why we want Haiim. 

CEO from a clinic networking & healthcare service company in the US

 Haiim makes both patients and medical professionals happy. Patients don’t need to squeeze their fingers and my doctors or nurses can operate Haiim easily after little training. 

CEO from a healthcare service company in UK



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