Blood Collection System

Easy to use

Haiim is an innovative device that collects high-quality samples for testing. 
With simple procedures and user-friendly design, Haiim is perfect for your point-of-care needs.


Simple Procedure

Easy to use, with minimal training.


Compatible with commercial microtubes on the market. Quick deployable to your sampling needs.


Each device can run over 30,000 times at less than $2 per sample.


Provide mobile or at-home blood testing & healthcare services.

High Quality & Proper Volume

Collect 150–500 μL of whole blood per draw with minimal hemolysis.

Happier Subjects

Subjects won't see blood or needles, which may relieve psychological pressure.


Main Device

  • Dimension: 62 mm (W) x 123 mm (L) x 61.5 mm (H)
  • Net weight: 219 g
  • Can run over 30,000 times


  • Dimension: 18 mm (W) x 32.5 mm (L) x 42 mm (H)
  • Net weight: 4 g
  • Consumables, each for one time use only

Compatible Microtubes

  • ​BD Microtainer® blood collection tubes
  • ​Greiner MiniCollect® Tubes
  • ​KANGJIAN Micro Blood Collection Tube
  • ​SARSTEDT Multivette® 600
  • Xinle Capillary Tube-A
  • ​...

Potential Uses


  • User-friendly, easy to operate, quick deployment
  • No extra personnel required, minimal costs
  • Offer rapid blood testings to clients, more holistic & personalized healthcare services


  • No vein identification, new nurses can also be handy
  • Premium sampling service for patients, adding values to clinics
  • Portable, good for mobile & at-home services clinics


  • Support to labs' automatic process and setting
  • More testing needs, create more revenues for labs

Clinical Trials

  • Help in drug phase 1 trial for pharmaceutical companies
  • Fulfill frequent blood testings' sampling needs


Eurolab Lambda 

Eurolab Lambda is a Slovak company. Recently they cooperated with Slovak hepatology society on a special preventive liver disease screening project.
The complete testing of the patients is done on site and outside of medical institutions. Haiim device is used to obtain proper volume whole blood for complete liver and lipid panel POCT testing.
Has screened over 1,000 patients

Labpoc (Firstlab)

Labpoc is from a Brazil group company. They offer remote laboratory diagnostic services by using Haiim as the sampling solution and proceed tests on POCT devices.
Recently they get a government project for remote healthcare testing service. Haiim & their POCT devices are portable for the medical staffs to bring with and do the onsite tests.
Run over 15,000 tests, 50 patients per day



Quick Guide

Operating Tutorial


Katie F. Maass, Matthew D. Barfield, Mototsugu Ito, ... (2022, September 21) Leveraging patient-centric sampling for clinical drug development and decentralized clinical trials: Promise to reality


Haiim Vacuum-assisted blood collection system is intended to collect capillary blood from a puncture site using a vacuum. This product is for professional use only.
We DO NOT sell to individuals.
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