Introducing Haiim

A vacuum-assisted device for blood microsampling, collecting whole blood samples at your fingertips

A Simpler Solution

Haiim is designed for blood microsampling. With simple procedure staring from a finger prick, Haiim can draw enough blood samples for some of the most frequent & rapid blood tests to increase decentralized healthcare accessibility.

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Why use Haiim?

Quick and Easy

Using a simple procedure, collection finishes in under 2 minutes

High Quality, High Volume

Up to 500μL of whole blood per draw with minimal hemolysis

Cost Efficient

Each device runs over 30,000 times at less than $2 per sample


Compact size allows use in mobile settings


Compatible with various commercial microtubes

Happier Subjects

Lower stress, anxiety, and pain due to blood collection

Potential Uses with Haiim

Pharmacist handing drugs to a patient

Empower Pharmacies

Introduce rapid blood testing and more personalized healthcare to end customers by collecting testing samples with Haiim.

Optimize Clinic Workflows

An alrernative blood microsampling technology for both nurses and administrative staff. Cut down laboratory wait times and biowaste with Haiim sampling solution.

Four clinic employees
Various pills

Accelerate Clinical Trials

Fulfill frequent blood sampling needs for clinical trials, expediting discoveries and results. 

Applications Using Haiim

Empowering pharmacies: From single test to multi tests

Our partner in Italy,®, is aim to help pharmacies to become a comprehensive service centers. Haiim enables pharmacies to collect sufficient, high-quality blood for multiple tests. With Haiim, pharmacies expanded their services, resulting in increased revenue. Patients benefited from enhanced capabilities and prompt, accurate results.®'s successful collaboration with Haiim empowered pharmacies to provide comprehensive diagnostics, revolutionizing healthcare services.

Liver Disease Screening

A Slovak partner recently cooperated with the Slovak Hepatology Society on a liver disease screening campaign. Haiim was used to collect whole blood samples from over 1,000 people for complete liver and lipid panels.

Rural and Remote Healthcare

Our partner Labpoc is a Brazilian company collaborating with the government to provide healthcare testing services to remote areas. Using Haiim with POCT devices, over 50 patients in rural areas were screened daily and over 15,000 tests should be completed.

Your Questions Answered


Haiim is currently available for professional use only as a blood microsampling solution. 

We plan to design Haiim for at-home use in the near future.

We cannot guarantee that Haiim will function properly with every microtube. And the recommended tubes are different from the cassette model you are using. For optimal performance, please refer to the Instruction for Use or above section ‘Compatible Tubes’ to choose one of the following microtubes:

  • BD Microtainer® Blood Collection Tubes
  • ​Greiner MiniCollect® Tubes
  • Xinle Capillary Tube-A

Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Haiim   is composed of a Cassette able to connect with a single-use micro-collection tube and a Main Device providing a pressure control function. When assembled and activated, the product collects blood from the puncture site to the micro-collection tube.

You may check if below recommended micro-collection tubes can fit with your settings:

  • BD Microtainer® Blood Collection Tubes
  • ​Greiner MiniCollect® Tubes
  • Xinle Capillary Tube-A

If the tube you are using is not in the list, please contact us to check the feasibility.

It depends on your testing needs like the blood volume, sample type, or the detection devices/strips you are using.

Haiim is intended to use a vacuum to collect capillary blood from a puncture site.

Blood collected using Haiim exhibits minimal hemolysis and a high correlation with venous blood samples when quantifying HbA1c.

Haiim clinical performance evaluation
Total subjects150
Median age43 (21-93)
Average age47
Average blood volume collected313.67 ± 117.71 μL
% of samples with hemolysis index under 100 mg/dL100
Pearson correlation coefficient (r) of the HbA1c value between venous and “Haiim” blood samples0.97431

1) Analyzed by FDA cleared HbA1c test system, DCA Vantage® Analyzer

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