TechCrunch: Winnoz’s vacuum-assisted Haiim makes finger prick blood draws more efficient

The Haiim blood collection system utilizes capillary blood collection from the fingertips to quickly draw a larger volume of blood without venipuncture. Haiim and eGGi, a molecular detection device utilizing isothermal nucleic acid amplification, are being presented at the 2021 CES Taiwan Tech Arena Pavilion. 

Haiim was inspired by founder and CEO Joses Hsiung, who recalls watching his mother undergo regular blood testing with repeated venipuncture until her veins collapsed. By drawing larger volumes of blood from the fingertip, testing can be conducted without frequent venipuncture.

The device consists of a main unit and single-use cartridges that gather and store the blood. Haiim was approved by the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration in 2019 and is intended for use by healthcare organizations, clinics, and hospitals.

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